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Build your motivation, conquer your world. If Motivation is a muscle, How strong is yours? Can you build motivational muscle? Absolutely! Reading something positive and motivational every day makes a difference. Studies show regular doses of motivation will lead to better health, happiness and achievement. What are you waiting for? Build your motivational muscle, conquer your world.

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  • "Millie's sharp writing style is packed with facts, promotional ideas and hands-on recommendations. Her work informs and captures, as it brings the reader into the storyline. We ..."
    Rocio Yaffar
    Former Editor in Chief Les Nouvelles Esthetique
  • "I have known and worked with Millie for over 20 years. She has proven to be a student of life, a great friend, and a talent in the beauty industry. She has worn many hats succes..."
    Geno Stampora
    President, Stampora consulting Inc

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